Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My first CrossFit experience was awesome. I finally made it to a CrossFit class and it was a beast. Everybody told me I would be hooked and it is true, I am stoked to get back there and check things out. The gym I went to in located in Spanish Fork just east of the freeway called Hermes CrossFit. The owners are awesome and welcome newcomers to go try it out. So do it! The workout we did was called the "FILTHY FIFTY" which goes as follows:

50 Box jumps (24 in)
50 Jump-ups
50 Kettle-bell swings (35 lbs.)
50 walking lunges
50 Knee to elbows
50 Push press (45 lbs.)
50 Back extensions
50 Wallballs (20 lbs.)
50 Burbees
50 Double unders or
150 singles

The workout was brutal but the feeling when you are done, as you see your name and time up on the board is so rewarding. If every workout could be that comprehensive and intense I would get so much more out of my "gym time". I recommend CrossFit to everybody! You race/compete against yourself, so you're always improving. 
So go get em' Yeah Buddy! 


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