Friday, May 25, 2012

~Bomb Back Workout~

There are tons of reasons for training your back. Too many people aren't happy with there bench max and one of the main things they're lacking is the back strength to support their chest. Whether you want to boost you bench, get that "barn door back" or just prevent yourself from having a hunchback when you get old, there are lots of reasons to get a good back workout! Here is a killer combination of back workouts that will reach your lats, traps, lower back, and mid. The whole monster!! With this workout you can't go wrong. When you lift large muscle groups like your back your body will create much needed testosterone for muscle growth! So get it done son!  Goes something like this:

First: Pull-ups. This is a great way to get those back muscles warmed up and ready for heavier, more intense workouts. This will fill the back muscles with blood and get your heart rate up there too.
4 sets to failure. Shorts rest between each set.

Second: Bent Over Row. With this workout dumbell or barbell will work. For today I say barbell just to keep you in line and in form. Keep a tight arch in your back and bring your elbows back as far as you can.
4 sets, pyramid of 12-10-8-6

Third: Lat Pull-Down: This is done on a cable machine. Get a nice long bar that you can use a wide grip with. Bring the bar down and your elbows to your sides. Really try to pinch the elbows at the bottom, flexing your lats hard.
4 sets of 10 (go heavy)

Forth: Cable Row: Sitting down with the bar in front of you go with the narrow grip. If you can find a bar that will allow your palms to face in they are best. Keep your body in a fixed position moving only your arms. Go heavy with this and really pinch your shoulder blades together as you pull the bar to the bottom of your diafram. A great visual is to imagine an apple in the middle of your back, you have to sqeeze so tight that you get the apple juice runnin down your crack:)
3 sets of 12-10-8 (heavier each set)

Fifth: DEAD LIFT! This lift is the bomb. Make sure you are keeping the correct form or you'll mess yourself up. Be safe but go heavy! A good mentality is to rip the weights from the ground as if they were planted there. Go hard and strong. Shorts reps but heavy weight!!!
3 sets of 5

*** Unless you have a huge pile of fire wood that needs split this is the best thing to build your back, If you've got wood to split get it done knowing your getting a killer back workout.! Go get em,
Yeah Buddy!

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