Wednesday, February 8, 2012

-Eating Your Veggies-

There were three tips that I got from my nutrition class and three tips I found online on how to make sure you eat your veggies. The tips are from the top ranked tips from my my nutrition class and the others are from a online poll from

Tips from class:

1. Make sure you include them on your shopping list (this may seem obvious but it really is the first step, and in order to eat em you gotta have em:)
2. Put the veggies in some of your already favorite recipes (sneak them in small amounts at first if you don't like them)
3. Drink your veggies! This may seem extreme but if you put small amounts into your smoothie you won't even notice they are there. Make your own Green Monster, as seen in previous posts!

Tips from online:

1. Make it a habit to include a veggie in each meal plan. Start off small and add more and more as you go along.
2. Sprinkle a bit of cheese over cooked veggies and you'll love the taste of your revamped veggies
3. Slip the veggies into strong flavored dishes such as spaghetti and pastas.

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