Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Meal of Champions

This was last nights meal. I have really taken to yams and sweet potatoes. I don't think I will ever turn down this plate no matter how many times I eat it:) This dinner consisted of:

-1 10 oz Elk steak
-Green beans (as much as you want)
-1 large sweet potato (plain)
-20 oz of water

I found that if you stay away from artificially sweet foods through out the day then come time to eat a meal you don't need to add butter, salt, nor pepper. By doing this you will cleanse your pallet and the yams or sweet potatoes will taste sweet enough to eat plain. For the steak I used olive oil and a mesquite marinade, let them sit during the day in the fridge then cooked them using the George Forman grill (helps get rid of the artery clogging fats). Stay fresh with the veggies when you can. Some processed fruits and veggies may only have 20% of their nutrients that they started with by the time we eat them. So just buy fresh and help yourself out.

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