Thursday, March 8, 2012

Motivation and Inspiration

      Todays post has to do with a very important aspect of fitness, it may even be the single most important part of fitness and health overall. Today I hope to give a bit of motivation and inspiration to all those who need it (which is everyone). A few months ago I had the opportunity to meet Kyle Maynard and have never been more motivated in my entire life. He faced his struggles and took them head-on. His upbeat and positive attitude is the best environment to be in, and its SO contagious.
      We all have our own personal reasons we set goals. I talk to people everyday about their reasons that they pursue their fitness goals. Many have family in mind, others the desire to simply dominate life and push themselves to the limit. My personal reasons branch from many of these same trunks. I have a passion for seeing people excel and overcome challenges and personal hurdles. This young man has done, and continues to do what others have told him is impossible. With this new video documentary that ESPN has put together we can have a glimpse of one of the obstacles Kyle chose to take on.
       I hope you will all take a good hard look at your own personal limits, ones you have set and ones that others have set for you, and give them a shove! Prove others wrong, the next time they see you they will be amazed and bewildered. Freeze the moment and enjoy the look on their faces. Anytime you lack the motivation to keep pushing those limits check out the blog and watch a few minutes of how Kyle gets it done! NO EXCUSES!!!!
~yeah buddy~

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