Friday, March 30, 2012

~Using Nitric Oxide~

         Today I decided to write a bit about a supplement that everybody is asking me about at work. So i did some research and have become pretty familiar with the supplement Nitric Oxide. This supplement can be very helpful to those looking to get fit and improve their health. As many of you know Nitric Oxide is  gas and has many useful roles. The main reason athletes or fitness enthusiast use the substance is because of the vascular benefits as it helps carry nutrients to the muscle. This will also help with you old farts out there:)  Nitric Oxide plays a big role in recovery time because of the fact that it can get the nutrients to the muscle quicker the muscles can recover quicker. Faster recovery helps with soreness because during the process of protein synthesis the acids are broken down and absorbed, instead of making you sore while this acid is waiting to be broken down.  Another advantage to Nitric Oxide is heart health. It will lower blood pressure and relieve the heart of over exertion during an exercise routine.There are a lot of different supplements that offer Nitric Oxide, most being pre-workout supplements. I highly suggest this supplement, my favorite at the time being is Myonox. It is a vitamin loaded preworkout that stimulates Nitric Oxide in your system. I usually get mine from So there you have it, give it a try and lemme know about your results!

The link to where you can learn more is at
You can also order through the site or let me know and I can bring you some!

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